About Us

The team behind Shed Designer have been selling and designing sheds for over 15 years. We are a very proud Australian company that uses only Australian made materials in our steel buildings.

Lets us bring your steel building to life with Shed Designer!

With Shed Designer you are truly only limited by you imagination when it comes to designing your perfect building. The best part is having the perfect design does not cost any extra that sticking with a more standard design like we are used to seeing. The whole process is fully automated, so we only use the exact materials needed for you to receive the exact shed you have designed. Our team goes over every design to optimise it for both cost and engineering before any building is sold.

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Our Partners

Our buildings are only as good as the materials that go in them, below is a small sample of the brands we are proud to use in our industry leading steel buildings.

The Best Sheds At The Best Prices With Shed Designer